I have always been called a social butterfly. With the introduction of social media, I found a new way to distribute creative messaging to engage people in my own personal brand.

Through a combination of SEO driven blog writing and then sharing that same messaging across the spectrum of Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter a brand can deliver messaging with powerful results.

As a creative marketing director, I understand that it is difficult for companies today to maintain all aspects of a full fledged social media marketing plan. 20 years ago while working on Wall Street, I thought to myself there will soon be a day when it takes a full creative marketing team to execute and distribute a brand message effectively. It is all about telling a story. Well, that day is here and I am here as a solution.

I work with clients to outline, create and distribute brand messaging through all social media outlets. In addition, I work with clients to create engaging social media retargeting campaigns aimed at IP Addresses that have previously visited certain pages of your web platform. These tools, when used in conjunction with other marketing assets can help increase pipeline conversion.

Have a question about how to effectively use social media in your marketing business model?

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