Today, in a world filled with all sorts of marketing tools, e-mail remains as one of the most powerful that you can use to convey your brand’s message.

Automated campaigns designed to convey a series of messaging, can be extremely effective and can be used to custom tailor a digital journey for your consumer based on their behavior.

Welcome emails are incredibly effective: on average, 320% more revenue is attributed to them on a per email basis than other promotional emails.” -Wordstream

What is the process?

The process begins by gathering information on your brand and objectives that you wish to achieve. Determining brand message, layout and calls to action along with gathering all relative digital files will help move to the next step in presenting a draft version of e-mail. In addition, an outline of the entire campaign outlining e-mail content and delivery based on consumer behavior such as opening and clicks will be reviewed with the client. By being intuitive and savvy, a campaign can be custom tailored based on response.

I do have the ability to custom code a HTML version of your e-mail. I always caution clients that deliverability issues can be associated with custom coded e-mails. This is especially true of glossy templates with background images. (which I totally love)

Once design, messaging and content have been approved the process moves to execution and analysis. I have experience working from the ground up on designing campaigns and executing on various platforms such as Active Campaign, Constant Contact, Mail Chimp, Vertical Response, Marketing 360 and MyEmma.

All of these platforms allow for administrator access for ease of executing the campaign.


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